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  • N Templet:zh-list 20:58 +28Asinis632 Toktok wok(Redirected page to Templet:zh-der) Tag: New redirect
  • N Thesaurus:斥責 20:56 +677Asinis632 Toktok wok(Created page with "{{ws header}} {{-zh-}} ===Verb=== ===={{ws sense|to reprimand; to slam; to rebuke; to denounce; to scold; to reproach; to berate; to curse}}==== =====Synonyms===== {{zh-syn-list|斥責|叱責|指斥|指責|指摘|責怪|譴責|責備|怪罪|責罵|呵斥|呵責;literary|訓斥|斥罵|叱罵|激勵;literary|體斥;Min Nan|責難|申斥|痛罵|指點|批評|吆喝;colloquial|訓;literary, or in compounds|詬病;literary|貶斥;literary|歸罪|歸咎|賴|喝叱|呵叱|...")
  • N 説話 20:51 +218Asinis632 Toktok wok(Created page with "{{also|說話|说话}} {{-zh-}} {{zh-see|說話}} ---- {{-ja-}} {{ja-kanjitab|せつ|わ|yomi=o}} ===Pronunciation=== {{ja-pron|せつわ|y=o}} ===Noun=== {{ja-noun|せつわ|kyu=說話}} # tale; narrative")
  • N Templet:RQ:Pope Essay on Man 15:43 +1,750Asinis632 Toktok wok(Created page with "{{quote-book |en |author = [Alexander Pope] |title = An Essay on Man.{{nb...|In Epistles to a Friend.}} |location = {{#ifeq:{{{location|}}}|Dublin | Dublin | London }} |publisher = Printed {{#ifeq:{{{location|}}}|Dublin | by S. Powell, for George Risk,{{nb...|at the Shakespear’s-Head}}, George Ewing,{{nb...|at the Angel and Bible}}, and William Smith,{{nb...|at the Hercules, booksellers in...")
  • N Templet:t-check 15:41 +381Asinis632 Toktok wok(Created page with "<span class="ttbc"><!-- --><sup class="ttbc">(please verify)</sup> <!-- -->{{#invoke:translations|show}}<!-- --></span><!-- -->{{categorize<!-- -->|{{{1}}}<!-- -->|Requests for review of {{#invoke:languages/templates|getByCode|{{{1}}}|getCanonicalName}} translations<!-- -->}}<!-- --><noinclude>{{documentation}}</noinclude>")