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Test page for discussion and comments[senisim]

This is a test page.  The intent is to try out/test different dictionary entry type configurations.  The table shows one way of defining a tok pisin term in the several regional languages, as well as the native languages of current and potential expatriates working with both government-sponsored and non-government organizations.  The idea is to make this dictionary useful beyond the conventional Tok Pisin-English, English-Tok Pisin bilingual dictionary.  I'm 'sandboxing' front page/first page ideas at "Main page/sandbox".  Got any thoughts, ideas, suggestions?  Go ahead and muck about with this page if you do (but be sure to add your notes, comments and talk on this discussion page).

Thanks, K. Kellogg-Smith 01:43, 19 July 2007 (UTC) (temp sysop/administrator)