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  1. The third-person plural pronoun (Tok Pisin does not inflect pronouns for cases): they, them.
    • 1989, Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin, Port Moresby: Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Jenesis 1:22:
      Na God i mekim gutpela tok bilong givim strong long ol. Em i tokim ol olsem, “Yupela ol kain kain samting bilong solwara, yupela i mas kamap planti na pulapim olgeta hap bilong solwara. Na yupela ol pisin, yupela i mas kamap planti long graun.”
      →New International Version translation
  1. 1-2 Ol pikinini man bilong Jekop i bin go wantaim em long Isip. Na olgeta i go wantaim famili bilong ol. Nem bilong ol pikinini i olsem, Ruben na Simeon na Livai na Juda 3 na Isakar na Sebulun na Benjamin 4 na Dan na Naptali na Gat na Aser. 5 Tasol Josep i bin i go paslain long ol na em i stap pinis long Isip. Long dispela taim ol Israel, em ol lain bilong Jekop stret, ol inap 70 manmeri. 6 Bihain Josep wantaim olgeta brata bilong en na olgeta lain bilong en bilong dispela taim, ol i dai pinis. 7 Tasol ol manmeri bilong Israel i karim planti pikinini, olsem na ol i kamap planti tru na i kamap strongpela lain moa, na ol i pulap long kantri Isip.

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  1. Indicates plural of the following noun
    • 1989, Buk Baibel long Tok Pisin, Port Moresby: Bible Society of Papua New Guinea, Jenesis 1:20:
      Bihain God i tok olsem, “Solwara i mas pulap long ol kain kain samting i gat laip. Na ol pisin i mas kamap na flai nabaut long skai.”
      →New International Version translation
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